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UPS and Battery Services

A disruption in your critical power system becomes catastrophic if the DC Power  doesn’t perform the way you expect it to. Vertiv leverages years of experience, along with decades of UPS and battery performance data, to ensure total power system availability while providing the insight into asset health and operating trends required to effectively optimize infrastructure performance.

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UPS and Battery Services

Commercial UPS & Battery Services

Services to ensure your critical infrastructure is always on, We depend on technology almost every moment of every day to enable our work, our communications, and our lives. For IT environments that are so vital and where downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per outage, we understand how important it is that your applications always work. Whether you want to extend the service life of your UPS and battery system, improve efficiency, or increase availability, Vertiv has a service solution to meet your needs.

Industrial UPS & Battery Services

Maintain the highest availability even in the harshest industrial environments, The industrial UPS is designed to operate in a rugged, often harsh environment where temperatures are extreme, airborne contaminants are present, and power quality is often very poor. In an industrial plant, an interruption of AC power may cause dangerous chemical process instability or expensive damage to the processing systems. With so much at stake, a holistic approach including proper maintenance and testing of the entire system including UPS, batteries, chargers, inverters and static switches is required to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the system.

Monitoring and Remote Services

Enable continuous monitoring, expert analysis, and proactive response for peace of mind, From large data centers to network closets, you can’t afford for your critical business systems to go down. You need to manage the building infrastructure, monitoring power systems and mechanical equipment that keep the data center operational. You also want information to help you increase efficiency and availability while reducing operating costs. Doing this requires resources and staff which aren’t always available. Leverage Vertiv technology and monitoring and remote services, for real-time insight and information needed to quickly identify, diagnose, and fix problems correctly.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters happen, are you prepared? The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing. When a disaster does happen, resources become scarce. Partner with Vertiv to ensure the fastest, most cost-effective business resumption. From damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment and replacement, Vertiv can help get you up and running quickly, ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation.

Power Continuity Services

While you may be equipped to handle small UPS battery replacement on your own, having factory-authorized technicians do the work for you augments your busy IT staff with a team of experts who can literally do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll partner with you to ensure continuous power for support of vital business applications by finding the best solution for your needs — from DIY battery replacement to UPS replacement with full service protection.

Electrical Safety Training

Work Smarter. Work Safer. Ensuring the safety of your people is Vertiv’s top priority. Our certified training experts will ensure your compliance through comprehensive training programs that address electrical reliability and safety. Start with our training assessment to identify gaps and areas of non-compliance. From there we can develop a training plan that addresses applicable codes and standards to get you up-to-date and in compliance. Training classes are available at your site, online, or in our LEED gold certified training facility.

Edge UPS & Battery Services

UPS services to ensure your business applications are always on For IT environments that are so vital and where downtime can cost thousands of dollars per outage, we understand how important it is that your business applications always work. Whether you want UPS installation services, full service on-site emergency response, critical alarm notification or simply to extend the service life of your UPS and battery system, Vertiv has a service solution to meet your needs. We’ll partner with you to ensure continuous power availability for your Edge IT environment.

Mobile DC Power Services

Safeguard your critical power during maintenance and replacement services. A mobile power solution that is safe and secure is ideal for performing DC power system maintenance and capacity testing. Without risk of power dips or load drops.

Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

A survey conducted by the International Electrical Testing Association revealed that 23 percent of circuit breakers tested had an issue affecting operation.

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