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Our comprehensive Project Services offering has been a part of some of the largest and most impressive data center and communication projects in the world, from the T-Systems data center in Barcelona to the C-Lion cable landing stations. And we’re ready to help you create complete projects in data center design, build, services, or management of any size and anywhere in the world. Contact our experts to learn more.

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Project Commissioning

Vertiv experienced commissioners maximize your return by delivering improved availability, enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

Load Banking Testing

Nearly 70 percent of early equipment failures can be traced to power system design, installation, or startup deficiencies. That's why it's so important to protect your plant’s investments in new electrical equipment or systems

Data Center Assessment

A professional assessment enables your data center to perform at its best. It will help you identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability, and plan for additional IT capacity

Data Center Services

Vertiv maintains and follows all safety and compliance regulations necessary to keep our service team from harm and protect you from liability.

Startup Services

When launching new facilities or adding power equipment to existing ones, you want reassurance that is has been done right before it begins to support your business-critical equipment downstream.

Design Engineering and Installation Services

Designing the right DC power system and choosing the right batteries and UPS equipment are critical to providing optimalsupport for your facility. Engaging design-engineering services upfront when you are considering expanding your DC

Mobile DC Power Services

Safeguard your critical power during maintenance and replacement services. A mobile power solution that is safe and secure is ideal for performing DC power system maintenance and capacity testing. Without risk of power dips or load drops.

Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

A survey conducted by the International Electrical Testing Association revealed that 23 percent of circuit breakers tested had an issue affecting operation.

Project Management

Critical facility infrastructure projects are nothing if not complex. From planning and design through system installation and startup, managing the countless aspects of complex projects demands focus and expertise.

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