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Plante range of batteries have become synonymous with reliability and are the first choice in power plants, sub-stations and core industries, wherever reliable standby power is absolutely essential for critical operations. With proper care, Plante batteries can last for 20 years or more. Exide Plante batteries use 99.99% pure lead in the positive plate and low antimony lead alloy in the negative plate. The absence of leachable impurities in the positive plate, along with stated technological innovations, ensure long life as also ruggedness under extreme conditions. This range of batteries can handle extreme temperatures. The Plante batteries have excellent discharge capabilities and can operate within a narrow voltage of charge-discharge. The distinctive, transparent SAN containers are easy to monitor visually. The health of the cell can be determined by checking the electrolyte level, the colour of the plates and the condition of the separators. The vent system ensures that physical measures, such as for specific gravity, can be measured with ease. By monitoring the specific gravity, one can know the state of charge of the battery.
  • Power Plants
  • Process Industries
  • C & I
  • Telecommunication
  • Substations
  • UPS Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Excellent high rate discharge performance
  • Transparent containers for easy maintenance
  • Expected service life is greater than 20 years in standby float application at 27 Deg C
  • No aging margin required as per IEEE 485:1997
  • Topping up frequency – once in 12/18 months
  • Capable of rapid charging
  • Insulated Inter-cell Connectors
  • Superior all round voltage profile and energy (Wh) output
  • Much higher energy output compared to Tubular Cells of similar capacity
  • Higher Ah and Wh efficiencies
  • Conforms to BS 6290: Part 2: 1999, IS 1652 : 2013 and IEC 60896