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Bolt-On Terminals mark a significant advance over weld-on terminals in all respects. The multiple benefits
  • Imported Bolt-On Terminals with Brass inserts provide better electrical performance.
  • Replacement of connectors, Taken-off or other accessories associated with the battery is easier, less messy and can be accomplished quicker.
  • Bolt-On technology prevents wear and tear of the terminals which was unavoidable in weld-on terminals.
  • Bolt-On pillars are used with imported Technology Grommets which are designed to arrest acid seepage, prevent terminal corrosion and also nullify the effect of plate growth.
Accurate and timely topping up with no Under-watering. Water is lost from the electrolyte primarily through evaporation and electrolysis (gassing) during charging. Due to this water loss, there is a chance of the plate being exposed to air, which over a period of time can lead to hard Sulphate formation on the plate thereby reducing life and capacity. Proper topping-up of batteries is essential for maintaining them in perfect health. So far, manual topping-up was the norm. The Auto Fill system changes the parameters, principally Auto Fill ensures –
  • Accurate topping-up with no ‘Over-watering’ When a battery is over-filled, there is both electrolyte loss because of overflow as well as electrolyte dilution which may develop a leakage path between connectors and ground and messy battery top.
  • 100 % absence of manual labour eliminates human error
  • No chance of contamination 20 % increase in battery life.
  • Automatic topping
Epoxy properties
  • Prevention from leakage current
  • Tough & semi flexible coating (tolerant to substrate expansion and contraction)
  • Highly Resistant, Glossy & Stable
  • Highly resistant even at 200 micron thickness
  • No flaking or cracking
  • Reduced flammability because of thermoset plastic
  • Highly insulated even at 100 micron thickness
  • Cheaper than polyolefin and plastic coating