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At Intermax, our commitment to delivering top-notch services goes beyond borders. While our roots are in India, we have expanded our horizons and now offer a wide range of comprehensive power backup solutions worldwide. Our team of highly skilled engineers is not only adept at handling services within India but also well-prepared to undertake overseas projects.


Our overseas services encompass a diverse array of critical tasks, including Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), Power Quality Audits, Troubleshooting, Seamless Installations, Efficient Data Center Management, and successful Project Commissioning, among others. We pride ourselves on offering these services with the utmost professionalism and expertise.


Though we have significant involvement in projects across African and Gulf countries, our global outreach means that our exceptional services extend to all corners of the world. Wherever your business operates, we stand ready to provide reliable and cutting-edge power backup solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At Intermax, we are dedicated to forging enduring partnerships and making a positive impact on businesses globally through our exceptional services and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Performance Optimization Services

Circuit Breaker Upgrades and Replacements

Circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting the people and equipment in your data center, and are integral in limiting the damage should a fault occur. But like all electrical components, circuit breakers can wear out

Upgrade and Replacement Services

Adopt a proactive battery and UPS component replacement plan. Based on our experience and extensive industry data, we know that the actual life of your DC power system is almost always shorter than the design life.

Electrical Assessment

Data centers are dynamic environments that need to be carefully managed to ensure uptime. Electrical assessments are vital tools that help you make informed decisions that enhance the performance and availability of your data center.

Liebert EC Fan Upgrade Service

Improve energy efficiency and overall system reliability in your data center by utilizing the newest technology for your thermal infrastructure. Electrically commutated (EC) fans offer innovative technology with exceptional value.

Liebert iCOM Control Upgrade Service

In a typical data center, cooling accounts for 38 percent of total energy consumption. Improvements to your cooling system are an opportunity for significant cost savings.

Life-Extension Services

Aging electrical equipment requires more maintenance and is more likely to fail than a newer system. It could even pose serious safety risks. However, replacing a worn down or obsolete electrical distribution system asset

Grounding Studies

The main driver of a ground system study is to protect workers from "step potential" hazards, which result from currents that generate high enough voltages to become lethal at distances as short as one human step.

Partial Discharge Testing

When an electrical failure happens, the results can be catastrophic. Most electrical failures occur because of insulation breakdown due to small electrical sparks known as partial discharge.

Partial Discharge Testing for Cables

Partial discharge (PD) testing provides critical information about the quality of cable insulation and its impact on your critical facility. If your medium- and high-voltage cable system has voids, gaps, or other defects

Power Quality Audit

Partial discharge (PD) testing provides critical information about the quality of switchgear and its impact on your critical facility. Your medium-voltage switchgear is vulnerable to PD if it has voids, gaps, or other defects.

Partial Discharge Testing

Intermax is the independent service provider that oers a total power quality audit before they impact your facility's performance & bottom line, maximizing the uptime performance of your business.

Power Quality Studies and Harmonic Analyses

Dips, spikes, surges, and momentary outages can damage your critical equipment and systems, or cause them to malfunction. Not only do these outages cost you money, but they may be creating unsafe conditions or other serious problems

Safety Audits

Staying abreast of the changing regulatory requirements for safety in your critical facility can be a challenge that requires assistance from an external resource.

Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

Every time you expand, reconfigure, add a load, or upgrade your electrical distribution system, you challenge its reliability. Short circuit and coordination studies help manage these complexities by ensuring protective devices

Thermal Control Optimisation

Ensuring data centre availability relies on having the right cooling components, properly configured to match load demand. Thermal control optimisation helps you meet demand for increased capacity, improved efficiency

Power Audit

Power Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility

Load Flow and Power Factor Studies

Load flow studies identify and correct power system issues, such as overloads, load imbalance, harmonic problems, poor power factor or other operational issues.

Troubleshooting, Repair & Parts

As electrical equipment ages, components begin to wear and insulation deteriorates. This eventually leads to failure that can cost you millions unless you can quickly identify the problem, troubleshoot, and repair.

Liebert ACE

Improve energy efficiency and overall system reliability in your data center by utilizing the newest technology for your thermal infrastructure. Electrically commutated (EC) fans offer innovative technology with exceptional value.

Transformer Services

Fluids and oils circulate in large power transformers to insulate them from high voltage stresses. They contaminate easily due to leaky seals and corrosion. A rigorous preventive maintenance program that purifies and filters these fluids...

UPS Full Bank Capacitor Replacement

Your UPS systems use large capacitor banks made up of both DC electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors that degrade over time. Proactively replacing a full bank of capacitors is strongly recommended to achieve long service life

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