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When it comes to financial matters, customer engagement matters more than ever. From delivering excellent services at all stages & keeping pace with regulatory requirements, our technology-enabled solutions are tailored to meet the demands of power Back-up for your organization .

Travel & Hospitality

Keep costs down, schedules tight, and demanding customers satisfied. Check, check, and check. Our Power backup solutions transform the highly complex processes involved in getting people and things where they need to be without fail or delay.

Hotels & Healthcare

We transform processes to work smarter for healthcare organizations and their consumers. Whether it’s easing the claims burden, reducing waste or improving experiences, our analytics-driven, technology-enabled solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the new era of digital health.

IT Industries

Technology is only as good as the experience it enables. The digital transformation we will see in the next decade, including the rise of 5G, will take place mainly at the edge of the network. To create and maintain strong edge computing, solid IT infrastructure needs to be rapidly deployed in remote locations as efficiently as possible. Anticipate this trend sustainably, with Intermax integrated solutions, including prefabricated rack, row, aisle, and modular data centers, built in flexible designs based on proven configurations. We’re here to help you normalize design and harmonize systems across all of your edge sites (locally, regionally and globally) to allow for easier design, implementation, management, and replication


We are Expanding our Capabilities in Key Emerging Verticals of Retail & Distribution From spearheading Digital Engagement initiatives to facilitating completely new business models, we drive Power back-up Solutions to forward in these key segments.

Media & Entertainment

From on-demand media to digital Media & entertainment leaders choose us to help them work better for Power Back-up Solutions. Whether it’s digital Media, Cable Tv or Entertainment, Intermax is redefining the way media & entertainment companies benefit from or Nation wide services.

Project Services

Expertly Managed Professional Services for Every Phase of Your Project At Intermax we combine our deep infrastructure expertise and a full complement of professional services to guide your project from initial planning and design through engineering and construction, to final execution and approvals. You’ll have a single point of contact that makes it easier for you to stay on top of everything you need to know.


We are Expanding our Capabilities in Manufacturing Industries From Power cooling units to initiatives to facilitating complete Power back-up Solutions , including the Thermal Control and Monitoring