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Intermax India is the leading & most demanding UPS Manufacturer in Mumbai (Uninterruptible Power Supply). We are manufacturing one of the UPS in Mumbai since ages and serving across India. We are providing UPS Manufacturers in Mumbai, Intermax India is offering highly sophisticated and efficient Powertronups including Online UPS, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, Active Power Filters, Compact Datacenter and many more products is available with us. Our operational and manufacturing unit is based in Mumbai.

We are having a number of professionals as a team and striving for the quantity of work. These professionals have gone through a curriculum before working as a full-time team member to provide you world class UPS systems. We make sure our products are defect free by keeping a lot of procedure to detect it and improve it. You can trust us as we are working for a really long time and we have earned the name because of the quality of work is assigned to us. We make sure we are providing better every day and that’s the reason we are known as UPS Manufacturers in Mumbai.

We are manufacturing UPS system since ages and the professional working in making UPS systems have been trained before handing over the full-fledged job. These UPS systems are having a wide range of variation and features.

Features of UPS System produced by :

1. 1/2/3 KVA

- Configurable to energy saving mode (EOC):

- Compact tower design.

- Generator Compatible with wide range input frequency range (40 – 70) Hz.

- Ultra wide range voltage.

- Highly Capacity Battery charger for longer for long backup.

- High input power factor & low THDi.

2. 6KVA


- Inbuilt Isolation.

- Cold start on full load.

- Inbuilt battery charging current selector.

- Built-in input over voltage cut off the device.

- Wide input voltage range (110 – 300).

- 50Hz / 60Hz frequency converter mode.

- Eco mode Operation for energy saving mode (ECO).

- Emergency Power Off Function (EPO).

- SNMP + USB + RS – 232 multiple communication.

3. 10/20 KVA


- Ultra quick power destiny.

- The efficiency of the system by up to 92% - 94%.

- Compatible with three-phase and single-phase suitable for different applications.

- Rock mount/ tower installation compatible.

- Low Input Current Harmonic Distortion of less than 5%.

- Unity Input Power Factor.

- Handle 3:1 crest factor loads.

- Output isolation between UPS and critical Load.

- DSP and Dual microprocessor-based system.

4. 10-60 KV


- High-Efficiency performance.

- Excellence performance with 100% unbalances and non-linear loads with crest factor up to 3:1.

- Inverter with high overload capability.

- Small footprint and convenient maintenance access.

- 0.9 output power access.

- Double conversion efficiency up to 98%.

- Inbuilt current harmonic distortion correction.

- (THDI) less than 5%

5. 80-400 KV

- Handle leading power factor loads with KW de-rating under a specified condition.

- Capabilities to handle:

• High Crest Factor Load

• 100% non – linear loads

• 100% unbalance loads

- Provision to use any type of battery: Wet cells (Tubular Plant), Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)/ Maintenance free and Nickle Cadmium.

- Front access for spares replacement and preventive maintenance.

6. 66-220 KVA

- High efficiency up to 96% in dual conversation mode.

- 98% efficiency in Digital interactive mode.

- Input PF > 0.99

- THDi less than 3%

- Automatic Power Adjustment on operation temperature.

- Full galvanic isolation as a built-in option.

We have this many wide ranges of UPS system with us. We are manufacturing all kinds of UPS system and earned the name as leading UPS manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

To know more about UPS system, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you.

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